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Talk about results from fasting!

When I was asked by my church to participate in a fast this year, I was couldn’t help but reflect on the first time I fasted which was over six years ago. You see for me that fast was the first time that I chose to attach my faith and belief to some tangible action. I had just failed my brokers exam and desperately needed to pass this test in order to take my business to the next level and at the same time my wife and I had been thinking about how God would grow our family. We had just had a Miracle child two years earlier through God’s help guiding one of the best infertility teams in the valley and now we weren’t sure if we should go the same path or go down the path towards adoption. The answer to these two Big prayer request would change the course of our lives and yet the uncertainty of waiting was more than we could handle. So my wife and I committed ourselves to a 21 day fasting and prayer time in which we followed the pattern that Daniel shows us in the word where he only ate fruits and vegetables while the answer to his prayers had been delayed. The difference for us in our normal prayer time was that during this fast we had two very specific prayer request and we forced ourselves to deny what our bodies had been used to consuming and every time we thought about the food we were missing we stopped and prayed about the answers that we were believing for. I’m not making this up when I tell you that on the 21st day of the fast, I received the news that I had successfully passed my brokers exam!!!! Would you believe me when I tell you that during my drive home from the exam, that I received a phone call from my mother, who had just spoken with a social worker asking her if she had anyone in her family who would be open to adopting a soon to arrive baby. This phone call was the answer to prayer on which direction God wanted to grow our family and the answer was so clear!!!! Sometimes when I share this story it seems to good to be true and then I remember how good God is and how much he loves me. This year’s 21 day fast has been different from the stand point of what specifically I am denying my body but the specific prayers and the answers that I’m believing for have the same potential to be life changing. You can believe me when I say, that as God brings the answers that I will be careful to give God the glory for it because I am so convinced that his love me is never-ending. I’m also convinced that a focused time of denying my body what it is used to having in exchange for a focused time of specific prayer absolutely works!!!

Gade Franco

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