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My First Fast

Fasting to me was a mystery until about five years ago. There was never much emphasis put on it when I was young growing up in church, and my parents never fasted that I knew of. I read about it in the Bible of course, but didn’t see the need for it nor did I understand the power in it… until the first time I tried it.

I was preparing to go on my first mission trip to Honduras, and I was desperately in need of funds. I had spent much time in prayer, and had come up with quite a bit on my own, but was still extremely behind the mark. I remember Pastor Eddie mentioning in a service that when you need an answer from God fasting would provide clarity. Even though I consider myself a “foodie” I decided to step out and give it a try for one day (gotta get your toes wet before you jump in the pool right??). So I buckled down and drank water all day. By 12pm I was hurting!! I remember having to take a break at my job to go read my bible and spend some time talking to God about why I was doing this in the first place. By the grace of God I made it to the end of the day, and actually felt ok. The last thing that happened that night was what I consider my breakthrough. I received an email from a member of the church saying that they had been praying about sponsoring someone for the mission trip, and God put my name on their hearts! I had a good long cry that night, because I finally understood what people were talking about!

Since then I have had what I consider successful and unsuccessful fasts. What I have learned through fasting is that the breakthrough doesn’t come until the END of the fast. There have been plenty of times when I told myself I was going to fast for a certain amount of time, and somewhere along the way the enemy started telling me things like, “Nothing’s happening…You’re wasting your time…You should just give up, you haven’t heard anything from God this whole time…” and on and on. So I would give up early, and never receive my breakthrough. On the other hand, every single time I have finished out my fast, I have experienced some sort of benefit. Whether that be an answer to a specific question I had asked God, or monies coming in, or some sort of opportunity opening up out of thin air. God always delivers when I stay true to my fast. And this doesn’t mean I didn’t falter along the way! Many times I “failed” through my fast. The important thing is that I didn’t give up altogether. I didn’t let the enemy tell me it wasn’t worth it, because in the end it always is!

Kendra Espiritu

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