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Praying While Fasting

Let’s talk about PRAYER and FASTING today. I have become enthralled with this subject. I had the amazing privilege of growing up with a Mom who knew how to pray. As her children, she never forced us to pray, but she always prayed with us and for us…walking out the door to go to school, Mom would place her hands on our heads and pray a blessing over us.

When I went to Bible College we had some students who took every opportunity to go to the prayer room and really pray! I was so intrigued that people my age could pray like they prayed. The thing I loved was that these people weren’t un-relatable, they were the ones everybody liked to be around because they were so much FUN!

Fast forward to now and I feel like I have become like my Mom and like the students at Bible College and I’m a little bit surprised about that because I really didn’t think I could learn how to thoroughly enjoy praying and fasting!

Here are a few things I’ve learned about PRAYER and FASTING…

  • It’s for EVERYBODY!

  • It’s easier to learn how to pray by being around people of prayer.

  • Fasting increases my awareness of His presence and reminds me that I control nothing and He controls the whole world!

  • Fasting draws me closer to Jesus.

  • My prayers are ALWAYS answered (the answer might not be what I wanted it to be, but as I pray for His will to be done, it always is).

I’m really excited to be fasting and praying with you for these next 21 days…who knows what God will accomplish through our prayers? Pray Really BIG and BELIEVE EVEN BIGGER! (Matthew 21:22) We have not because we ask not (James 4:2) Don’t be afraid to ASK. If you haven’t thought about keeping a journal, I can highly recommend it…it will help you see all of the ways God has worked in your life during these 21 days. Think about this: David never really knew Goliath’s strength because he was so focused on God’s! I want to be like David, don’t you?

Here’s to changing my focus from me to Him!


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