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There is more. We have not yet reached our ceiling. Where we

are right now isn’t where we have to stay. Our God is able to

do far more than we are able to ask, think, or imagine. And what

if he wanted to do it through us? Taking us beyond our

boundaries; calling us beyond every obstacle, beyond our comfort,

and beyond our limits. What we once considered impossible

could become our new reality. What lies ahead is greater than

where we’ve been. Together we can see beyond, reach

beyond, move beyond, and believe beyond. 



Our once-a-year Heart for the House offering gives us a chance

to expand and stretch in our giving, to bring in an offering that

will help propel our mission and vision at Champion Life Church.

Each and every year we designate some key areas we look to

remodel and enhance within our church. Some examples from

the past few years have been the new seats in the main sanctuary,

a complete remodel of the Rev Church auditorium, and most

recently, in the process right now, a remodel of Adventure Land. 



This year we look to enhance two very key areas of ministry:

our sound equipment and Champion Kids. Many aspects of our

sound system are very old, dating back to before our church

existed. These items are crucial to replace as soon as possible as

many parts of the sound system are not working well anymore.

In Champion Kids, we look to do a remodel of the entire auditorium,

much like Rev Church and Adventure Land

have had in this past year. 



On the right you will see opportunities to purchase items directly

for the Heart for the House offering. Rather than give in the general

offering, some like to make a specific purchase, so we wanted to let

you know some of the items available for that. If you would like

more info on these items, or others not listed on here,

please call the church office at (760) 835-3700. 

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