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Children 1st – 5th Grade

Champion Kids Church is an action–packed and age appropriate church service just for kids! Full on worship, message and skits done live! This is a new life-giving and teaching service for our kids!
The Champion Kids auditorium opens 15 minutes before every adult worship service and closes 15 minutes after every service.
If it is your first time at Champion Kids Church allow a 10 minutes extra minutes so you can register and help your children and discover their new class together! Our friendly CK team will be there to help you with whatever questions or concerns you or your child may have!



Children’s Check – In:

At Champion Life we care about the safety of your kids. You can check your children in at any kids class. Your child will be given a name tag each week with a unique ID number that is different every time you check in. When you pick up your children, you will need to show the teacher your ID tag, which will then be matched to your child’s ID tag. This is one of the many ways we keep your children safe while you enjoy the service.

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